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Many thanks to the Web Award Evaluators that took the time to review and critique our site.
I am grateful for your help and suggestions in honoring LVYC with these prestigious awards.
Click award for credit. Please report any broken links, or resizing errors.

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Award Sites! Member Rating Badge 4.0 (UG 2/08/06). W: 150, H: 50. Type: PSP Jpeg. 4.97 kb

UWSAG Member Badge. Rating: 4.0 (UG 02/18/06). W: 150, H: 50. Type: PSP GIF. 7.53 kb

The Academy of Fine Awards Rating Badge , AFA by EUTODA (Raffaela Russo), 9-07-04. Member # NAWTM060. W: 150 H: 50. Type: PSP Jpeg. 4.19kb

International Web Awards Rating Association (IWARA) rating badge 'Elite 4' (UG 11/25/05). W: 150, H: 50. Type: PSP GIF. 4.38 kb

Olymp-Award-Index Banner. Rating 2.0 (upgrade 2/05). Type: PSP GIF. W: 150, H: 50. 6.97kb

WebsAwards Member Badge. Rating '1' 6/04. W.150 H.50 Type: PSP GIF. 3.97kb

NYC 'Police/Cops' award banner (03/08/06). W: 367, H: 98. Type: PSP Jpeg. 13.7 kb

Helping Hands 'Silver Award' 06/26/06. W: 116, H: 116. Type: PSP GIF. 11.2 kb  "Hello William & Congratulations. I'd like to thank you for a site well put together. I'm pleased to say that your site has been accepted for my Helping Hands Awards Silver Award. It has been a pleasure to evaluate your site and learn something from it. With that thank you, please accept the 'Friendship Award' for your kind support of our program." Best wishes, Anita Eberline

Helping Hands Awards Program  (special recognition) 'Friendship Award' 06/26/06. W: 116, H: 116. Type: PSP GIF. 11.2 kb

American Association of WEBMASTERS 'Gold' Web Award (06/17/06). AS! 4.5 rated. W: 123, H: 69. Type: PSP Jpeg. 4.49 kb

'Ace Crest Award for Excellence'' (first recipient of award) awarded by Judy Gavette of Grannys Loft on July 29 2005. W: 151, H: 84. Type: PSP JPG. 6.04 kb (Site temprarily closed).

Sam's World of Intrigue "Web Excellence Award', 10-04-04. W:250 H:163. Type: PSP Jpeg. 25.5kb

Ultra Free Silver Award for Excellence. Awarded 10/27/04 by Shey. W:200 H:200 Type: PSP GIF. 13.7kb

Kiwis Graphics 'Golden Diamond Award for Excellence'. Awarded by Karen Lyster on 11/21/04. W:190 H:124 Type: PSP GIF. 56.1kb

Neptune's Child 'Award of Excellence'. W:215 H:133. Type: PSP GIF. 32.5kb

Foxcather Award for Web Excellence. W:213 H:188 Type: PSP Jpeg. 13.0kb

World Wide Web Awards 'Silver Award' for website excellence. Awarded 7/27/04. W:145 H:145 Type: PSP GIF. 10.0kb

Australian Gunners "Oh How Soon We Forget" Website Award, 9/14/04.  W: 175 H: 200 Type: PSP Jpeg. 8.86kb

POW/MIA Web 'Awareness' Award. W:175 H:210. Type: PSP Jpeg. 16.6kb

The Raven Web Site Award, 9/23/04. W: 108 H: 122 Type: PSP Jpeg. 9.00kb

Kiwis Graphics 'Golden Website Award', awarded 10/27/04 by Karen Lyster. W:140 H:140 Type: PSP GIF. 12.5kb

Web Design Award by Rick Sharpe of Silent Studios, UK, 9-07-04. W: 204 H: 141. Type: PSP Jpeg. 17.9kb

Seal of Patriotism Award by Judy M. Gavette on 7/4/04. W:198 H:126 Type: PSP Jpeg. 9.84kb. URL temporarily closed.

Bandit's Place Gold Award, 08/18/04. W:114 H:124. Type: PSP GIF. 9.15kb (Program Closed)

My Arabians 'Design Excellence Award', awarded 10-18-04. W: 104 H: 128. Type: PSP Jpeg. 5.75kb


Pharao Award Program 'Info-Club Award', awarded 10-19-04. W: 90 H: 130. Type: PSP GIF. 8.16kb


The Pier Rat's Excellence Award. W:250 H:260 Type: PSP Jpeg. 24.1kb

Circe's Webmaster Excellence Award. W:270 H:225 Tpye: PSB GIF. 48.7kb

The Gadzillion Award for Creative Toughtt on the Internet, 2004. W:200 H:140 Type: GIF. 6.50kb

The Vietnam Experience 'Top 100' Website Award. W:195 H:145 Type:PNG


Seal of Patroitism 'Friendship' Award by Judy M. Gavette (7/04). W:135 H:170. Type: PSP Jpeg. 11.2kb

Uwes Ramm Bronze Award, 08/05/04. W:120 H:120. Type: PSP Jpeg. 9.74kb (Program Closed)

American Association of Webmasters 'Golden Web Award' Membership Certificate, 7/27/04. W:163 H:125 Type: PSP GIF. 11.2kb

Award of Excellence by Evelyns Design. W:192 H:192 Type: PSP Jpeg. 21.7kb

Circe's Gold Award of Excellence. W:204 H:189  Type: PSP GIF. 22.3kb

DAGA 'Bronze Award', awarded 10-12-04.  W: 132 H: 182. Type: Jpeg. 10.5kb

The USS Savage (DE-386) 'Quartermasters Award of Excellence', 10/03/04. W: 122 H: 198. Type PSP GIF. 5.29kb (It's an honor to receive this award).

Southern Nytes Award of Elegance. W:154 H195. Type: PSP GIF. 23.2kb 'Certified Site' Award. W:120 H:120 Type: PSP GIF. 5.72kb

The Judges 'Rumbles Golden Award'. W:216 H:134 Type: PSP Jpeg. 23.5kb

CLL Website Awards "Merit' Award by Juhani Kerkkonen, 10/17/04. W: 120 H: 150. Type: PSP Jpeg  9.00kb

Pleasure Gate Farms 'Award of Excellence'. W:143 H:165 Type: PSP Jpeg. 11.4kb

'Award-Team' "Award in Gold", 11/19/04. W:100 H:150 Type: PSP Jpeg. 7.29kb

Canada Graphics 'Gold Award' for Excellence of Design. W:75 H:134 Type: PSP Jpeg. 5.5kb

Animations Factory GIF (paid subscription). W: 50 H: 50 Type: PSP Animated Graphic GIF. 3.08kb

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