LVYC/Nautical Awards Program 'Friendship' Banner. W: 600, H: 100. Type: PSP Jpeg.

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It is with sincere friendship and gratitude that Lagoon View Yacht Club/Nautical Awards Program received these special gifts. These are not awards that one can apply for. They are given in special recognition of friendship, camaraderie, and a devotion of making the World Wide Web a better place. Many thanks to my distinguished friends for their honors and recognition.

Special 'Friendship Award' by Aiko Timmer (The Netherlands) ATGP Awards Program (04/24/06). W: 140, H: 174. 10.9 kb. Thank You.
Aiko Timmer/AGTP

Friendship Award designed by Erin Severn a/k/a Mz. Foxcatcher of the Foxcatcher Series. Designed as a gift and for exclusive use of LVYC/NAP (02/07). W: 163, H: 196. Type: PSP Jpeg.

Seal of Patriot 'Friendship Award' (07/20/04) by Judy Manns Gavette. W: 135, H: 170. Type: PSP Jpeg. 11.2 kb  (My most cherished friendship award).
Judy M. Gavette

Special 'Thank You' Friendship Gift by Roni Gemma (04/17/06). W: 120, H: 150. Type: PSP GIF. 11.0 kb
Roni Gemma/AAC

Special 'Friendship Award' from from Friedrich Hornisher of Timelines (Germany). "I am honored with your friendship; it means a lot to me!" W: 113, H: 156. Type: PSP Jpeg. 7.45 kb
Friedrich Hornischer

Poetic Soul 'Friendship Gift' by Lupercio Mundim. W: 100, H: 141. Type: PSP Jpeg. 10.06 kb (06/06/06)
Lupercio Mundim

Friendship Gift from Sandy Gerbers of Funtyme Entertainment (06/11/06). Type: PSP GIF. W: 100, H: 140. 9.08 kb
Sandra Gerbers

Special 'Friendship Gift' from Gabry a/k/a G.S.C.K. Regal Realm (06/11/06). W: 91, H: 151. Type: PSP Jpeg. 30.4 kb
Gabry 'RR'

Spiral Pixel Friendship Award (02/07] from Jo Phillips. W: 81, H: 131. Type: PSP Jpeg. 4.22 kb
Jo Phillips

War of Wits Friendship Award from Karen Lynch (02/07). W: 124, H: 119. Type: PSP Jpeg. 5.61 kb
Karen Lynch

Special 'Friendship Award' by Erin Severn a/k/a Mz. Foxcatcher of the Foxcatcher Series (06/11/06). W: 169, H: 113. Type: PSP Jpeg. 9.02 kb
Mz. Foxcatcher

Special 'Friendship Award' by Judy M. Gavette (06/24/05). W: 129, H: 129. Type: PSP Jpeg. 9.48 kb

Friendship Award by Jenny Maass (04/01/07) of Vom Mond auf die Erde (Austria). W: 100, H: 140. Type: PSP GIF. 11.4 kb
Jenny Maass

A Celtic Heart Remembers 'Friendship Award' by Margaret (04/12/07). W: 168, H: 190. Type: PSP Jpeg. 16.9 kb
Margaret-A Celtic Heart Remember

A Celtic Heart Remembers 'Friendship Award' by Margaret (04/12/07). W: 163, H: 160. Type: PSP Jpeg. 16.1 kb
Margaret-A Celtic Heart Remembers

Timelines 'Friendship Banner', 08/16/07. W: 113, H: 156. Type: PSP Jpeg. 8.10 kb
Friedrich Hornischer

Pelaqita Persians 'Friendship Badge' by Susan MacArthur (01/18/08). W: 107, H: 137. Type: PSP Jpeg. 13.1 kb
Susan MacArthur

VSDA 'Friendship Badge' by Erin Whalen (03/07/08). W: 97, H: 152. Type: PSP Jpeg. 7.25
Erin Whalen

Animation Factory GIF (paid subscription). W: 50, H: 50. 3.0 kb

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