How I Learned About Bail Bonds in San Diego

San DiegoA few years back I first learned about bail bonds through a late night phone call; I accompanied a cousin of mine to San Diego for a friend’s birthday party. I went to bed early due to a nasty headache, and later on discovered that they had a bit too much fun and drinking and he ended up in jail, it wasn’t anything too serious, but I had to pick him up, but the bail was a bit over my price range.

The kind woman in the precinct told me about bail bonds and suggested a few companies that could help. We were able to get my cousin and his friends out for a fraction of the cost of bail, but we also had to stay in the city until the time of his hearing. If not for the companies like these, we might have needed to make a call back home, but thanks to them that event will just be a secret shared between cousins, and the whole internet.

Important Information About Bail Bondsman

bail moneyThere are a few things you have to know about bail bonds and the bail bonds agents as well:

  1. The fraction that you paid, often time 10%, is non-refundable. That is how they make money, so don’t expect to get your money back.
  2. Some bail bondsman will require Collateral, and some won’t, so ask if they require them.
  3. If they don’t require collateral, do not play around and go back for your hearing when the time comes. They will definitely get a bounty hunter to hunt you down, which seems like a cool story to tell but is not a fun thing to experience.
  4. If they do require collateral, you will lose that collateral and get hunted down by a bounty hunter, which would suck twice as much.
  5. If you choose this San Diego bail bondsman – he will work carefully and get your bail needs covered.
  6. They can negotiate the bail price for you, so remember to ask them if it would be possible since your hiring professionals at least get the most of out of their services.

Acceptable Collateral if Needed

Lately, I have heard that collateral has become more and more of a norm for the bail bondsman to require, while there are still some companies that do not require them, it would be best to be prepared what would be acceptable.

  • Jewels and Valuables – Basically anything a pawn shop would accept, but it would need to be of substantial value to be used as an assurance for you to come back for your hearing.
  • Vehicles – if you are out of town anyway and have to stay, this would be a good collateral for you to use. You’re not going anywhere until the hearing anyway.
  • Property – Probably one of the collateral I suggest the least, due to a good chance of losing it if the person you bailed out bails on you.

So remember the above collateral you could use if you happened to be in need of the bail bonds services, and you should be able to use them as a get out of jail card. (not free though)