Questions Answered By A Bakersfield Bail Bondsman

While on a trip to Bakersfield I was able to meet with a Bail Bondsman and ask them a few questions that a lot of people unfamiliar with the concept of bail would find valuable answered. We were only able to ask a few questions so keep visiting our page for updates.


What is Bail for, Can’t I just return during the time of my Hearing?

That is a good question, while I don’t doubt that you would keep your word when it comes to keeping your promise with the law, there are a good number of people who would probably just not show up for their hearing. Bail is a sort of assurance that you will return for your hearing, the amount is then returned to you after the hearing.

How much do I need to pay? And is it guaranteed that I get my money back?

How much would depend on several things, you could also try to negotiate the amount, typically a few thousand dollars plus the processing fee which is about a hundred dollars more or less. You do get it back when you appear for your hearing, minus the fee that is.

A Couple thousand Dollars? What if I can’t afford that?

There are a number of ways you can pay, like using the deed of a property as a form of collateral or maybe some valuables like jewelry which you will be able to get back.

This is where we bail bonds Bakersfield companies come in as well; for example, your bail is $3000,  you can purchase a bail bond by just paying 10% of that, which would be 300$, and aside with other technical things your free to go. We will be keeping that 10% though; you won’t be getting it back that’s how we make money.

What if I don’t go to the hearing?

Well, one thing is depending on the amount you might need to give us a form of collateral as well when getting a bail bond and you will lose that. Also, this is where those bounty hunters come in; you would be technically wanted.

Any advice to our readers?

Well, though we try to make it easy for people who need help with bail the process will still cost you money and is comparatively a headache for you to deal with. If you want to avoid all the complicated stuff, either don’t do the crime or at the very least don’t get caught.

This interview was done without notice and the questions and answers were on the spot, we made sure that wrote only what was asked and what was answered word for word. So, though we give this information out to our readers, we encourage doing your own research and asking your lawyer and bail bondsman questions to fully understand your options and how to deal with things. Also, it would be best