The Bail Bondsman of Rancho Cucamonga

I apologize for the title, it seems as though I wrote a novel of some sort, and to tell you the truth I was tempted to do so, the problem is though, and if I wrote what would supposedly be informative into a story format a good amount of the information might be lost. You see, I was able to talk to an old Rancho Cucamonga bail bondsman who I was able to reach through my research on bail bonds. I wanted to know about the experiences of people with the system we live in today, and for that we needed experience.

He’s been retired for a couple of years and left the business to the younger generation of Rancho Cucamonga, only giving advice and pointers, but hardly ever in the office, which fortunately enough allowed my interview to happen. Here are the common problems of the bail system and how he tried his best to assist those that needed help.

No Money for Bail /Too Much Money to Go To Jail

Throughout the years he worked as a bail bondsman, he was witness to what the system has done. If not for non-bailable offenses, the rich would never go to jail; he had observed that as long as people had the means to pay they are free to walk, free to do what they want, and possibly even free to commit another crime. But for the common working man and the poor, he saw those who could not afford to be free nor be detained, had these people miss a day’s work it would ruin their family’s budget. This prompted him to start his bail bonds business, a way to help and profit at the same time.

It was clear to him that this system was not designed to allow the rich to buy freedom though it allowed them to do so. It was meant as a way to allow a man freedom to work while assuring that those who needed to face their crimes will return to do so; unfortunately, it was taken advantage of. He believes there is much to improve upon the system, and was open to it, though until that time comes there, he will continue to profit while helping.

Bail Bonds Abused

Bail bonds companies are businesses, but they exist not only to profit but as a way to help those who cannot afford their bail to be free. Unfortunately, this is also being abused; countless times have he seen parent’s, wives, husbands, and friends putting their properties as collateral to free a loved one, only to for them to be left with nothing while the ones they gave freedom to skip bail. Many use the system correctly mind you, but these happen too often, and always it broke his heart for those betrayed.

It became apparent to him that no matter what you do, humanity will take advantage of any system he could. It did not matter if you were rich or poor, man or woman, young or old, there will always be those who will abuse the kindness of others and corrupt what was designed to be good. But all one could do is to live on and do your business and do good wherever and whenever you can.