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 Welcome to our website and Nautical Awards Program.

 LVYC is located on Barnegat Bay, in the pristine community of Barnegat
 Beach, directly across from Barnegat Light House (Long Beach Island, NJ).
 We are 30 miles north of Atlantic City, and 14 miles south of Toms River.
 Our host facility is Leaming's Marina, located on a sheltered protected
 lagoon, five minutes to Barnegat Bay, and ten minutes to Barnegat Inlet.

 LVYC and Leaming's Marina operate as a family oriented group of friends,
 both power and sail, that enjoy the camaraderie of recreational boating,
 fishing, charitable endeavors, boating education, and social interaction.

 We are a member club of the Delaware River Yachtsmen's League (DRYL),
 the National Safe Boating Council, Boat/US, the Jersey Coast Anglers
 Association, a former member/Board affiliate of the Chesapeake Bay
 Yacht Clubs Association; and Yachting Club of America. We are listed in
 the Register of American Yacht Club (YCA). These combined affiliations
 represent the legislative interest of over one million recreational boaters.

 LVYC was established in 1987. The club was formally incorporated on
 February 14, 1994 as 'a non-profit fraternal boating association dedicated
 to Safe Boating Education and Charitable Endeavors.'

 Our membership is diversified or 'floating' from the eastern seaboard, the
 west coast, the Great Lakes, and Canada.

 LVYC holds several social functions with the marina and sponsors group
 events with other organizations for the benefit of Children Charities and
 handicapped persons. To date, our members, sponsors and friends, have
 raised and contributed over $72,575+ for these special causes.

 We hope that you enjoyed your visit to our site and visit often. Please
 feel free to contact us with your comments & please sign our guestbook.

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Updated October 17, 2010
Lagoon View Yacht Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 237, Ocean Township, NJ 08758/609-320-9300
[Marina Info: Tom Leaming/609-971-1514]


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