California Bail Bondsman And How They Help People

A few months back I was invited by a friend to California, he had bought a yacht a few weeks prior and wanted us a few friends to sail around the coast. I met a good number of wonderful people during my time there; most of them were friends of the friend who invited me. We began talking about our business’ and careers, some of them were the usual successful doctors and lawyers, and somewhere entrepreneurs like myself, though my humble small business would not compare to the empires they have. One individual was a bail bondsman, an interesting individual which I inquired with my preconceived notions of the industry.

I’m a fan of a certain bounty hunting show on television, and though I knew that bounty hunters and bail bondsman are two different career paths I have learned a thing or two about the times when they also need to chase down runaways in the name of business. I was, of course, corrected about this incomplete view of mine.

I have discovered that though people who do run away from their bail bond and hearing happens considerably often, the job isn’t just about that. The real job of a bail bondsman is to read people and see if they are the ones that need to be helped out. Now, I know there are plenty of companies that actually just bail anyone for the sake of business, but the bail bond company of the guy I met seems like they are really there to help.

Out of respect, I decided not to publish the man’s name here. He seemed to have come from a family with means and did not need to enter such a business. He admittedly said that sometimes working with bounty hunters and law enforcement to retrieve some runaways does have its thrills sometimes. But his reason for doing this is that he saw how the system seems to favor the rich compared to the poor.

When a rich man gets arrested, any amount he could easily pay, and if he wanted to for some reason, he could stay and wait in the cell carefree. But when someone who works every day to reach ends meet gets detained, he wouldn’t be able to afford bail and will have to miss work, getting his already meager pay docked or worse, fired.dekrfy buhjdst fdnjvfns

He’s not running a charity; he has to make tough decisions, stick to rules, and run the business as a business, as that is the only way that he could make sure the company would remain alive and healthy to be able to help other people in need. He believes that though there is money in the industry, and that any company should grow and profit from their services, like any other company in any other industry, a bail bond company should be there as a service to help, through their services and in times of necessity through an act of charity.