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Privacy Statement

Lagoon View Yacht Club and Nautical Awards Program respects your privacy and assures you that we do not sell or disclose any personal information, email addresses, or website related statistics to third parties. Data collected from our Awards Program is for the sole purpose of sending you the award. The application or email request is confidential and maintained exclusively by the webmaster of this site; all data is deleted from our records within 30 days of transmittal of award.

By submitting an application for award under our 'Nautical Awards Program' applicant authorizes NAP/LVYC to post the status/winning URL on our 'Winners Page'. No personal information will be included with the URL.

This site contains web links to other sites. LVYC/NAP is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those sites. All sites linked have been reviewed to assure they are non-offensive and 'family friendly'.

LVYC makes every effort to view all guestbook postings. We are not responsible for any information that you might leave on our guestbook as the guestbook is public and can be viewed by any visitor. The guestbook provider does not provide marketing data to third parties or subscriptions, unless authorized by the signer. The guestbook and AP form is a 'paid premium service' free from ads and pop-ups to further assure your privacy.

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